Object Extraction Using Probabilistic Maps of Color, Depth, and Near-Infrared Information

Muhammad Attamimi, Kelvin Liusiani, Astria Nur Irfansyah, Hendra Kusuma, Djoko Purwanto


Object extraction is one of the important and chal-
lenging tasks in the computer vision and/or robotics ? elds.
This task is to extract the object from the scene using any
possible cues. The scenario discussed in this study was the object
extraction which considering the Space of Interest (SOI), i.e.,
the three dimensional area where the object probably existed.
To complete such task, the object extraction method based on
the probabilistic maps of multiple cues was proposed. Thanks
to the Kinect V2 sensor, multiple cues such as color, depth, and
near-infrared information can be acquired simultaneously. The
SOI was modeled by a simple probabilistic model by considering
the geometry of the possible objects and the reachability of the
system acquired from depth information. To model the color and
near-infrared information, a Gaussian mixture models (GMM)
was used. All of the models were combined to generate the
probabilistic maps that were used to extract the object from
the scene. To validate the proposed object extraction, several
experiments were conducted to investigate the best combination
of the cues used in this study.

Keywords: color information, depth information, near-infrared information, object extraction, probabilistic maps.

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